3 Key Reasons Why Telcos Can’t Afford to Ignore Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

In this age of rapid innovation, telcos and their clients face an unprecedented challenge: how to safeguard their networks against emerging cyber threats, particularly those posed by quantum computing. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which harnesses quantum principles to secure data communication, emerges as a significant game-changer here. Read why QKD is pivotal in addressing these challenges.

Bezeq to forestall Quantum era cyber threats with a HEQA Security strategic partnership

Bezeq, Israel’s leading telecommunications group and HEQA Security, an Israeli cybersecurity vendor specializing in securing data communication with quantum safe encryption, have signed a major collaboration agreement. As part of the effort to address future quantum hacking threats, both companies will fortify Bezeq’s fiber optic communication network to become quantum secure.

QuantLR in Lift Off to Space

QuantLR in Lift Off to Space

QuantLR is blasting off into space and will be experimenting with quantum encryption capabilities between Earth and the International Space Station.