Quantum Leap for Secure Communication

HEQA Security ensures the protection of data communication against potential threats through groundbreaking security solutions rooted in the principles of quantum physics.

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Game-changing Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solutions to mitigate communication threats, ensuring the utmost return on investment

Key availability

Ensuring stability and continuous access to keys for secure data communication.

Lower total cost of ownership than leading vendors

Setting a competitive pricing norm within the industry without compromising on reliability.

Size to rule them all

Optimize rack space with seamless integration, be it a receiver\transmitter or a unified solution, all with Key Management System (KMS) in a compact 1U box.

Leveraging a patented design, HEQA Security's products stand out as the market's most cost-effective and scalable enterprise-grade Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solution, ensuring unparalleled security levels, surpassing other QKD systems.

Our QKD solutions

HEQA Security takes pride in delivering robust and reliable solutions to its global customers, offering the ultimate cost-effective and secure QKD capabilities, with a strong focus on effortless integration into existing environments.

The industry’s first and only solution to combine a QKD transmitter, receiver, and key management system in a single 1U enclosure.

Complete Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system: transmitter, receiver and an integrated Key Management System (KMS)

Industries we secure

Our cutting-edge Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems stand at the forefront of communication security, offering customers an unparalleled level of protection against even the most advanced and sophisticated adversaries.
Government & Defense
Data Centers
Banks & Insurance
Critical Infrastructure
Health Care

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In this age of rapid innovation, telcos and their clients face an unprecedented challenge: how to safeguard their networks against emerging cyber threats, particularly those posed by quantum computing. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which harnesses quantum principles to secure data communication, emerges as a significant game-changer here. Read why QKD is pivotal in addressing these challenges.

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