Sceptre Duo
The Industry’s First and Only All-in-One QKD Solution

We’re proud to introduce Sceptre Duo, a unified QKD solution that integrates a transmitter, receiver, and Key Management System (KMS) all in the same 1U enclosure.

Experience Quantum-Safe Communication with Unmatched Operational Simplicity

Sceptre Duo is a first-of-its-kind solution designed to elevate your security and scalability all while ensuring unparalleled operational ease. Engineered to operate over your existing optical fiber infrastructure effortlessly, it delivers symmetric encryption keys for Quantum-Safe communication networks across connected devices — all within one compact unit.

Why Choose Sceptre Duo?

Enhanced Security in QKD Networks:

With integrated connections, Sceptre Duo eliminates vulnerabilities of daisy-chained Rx/Tx components, ensuring superior security. It is perfect for trusted nodes and fortifies protection in multi-link QKD networks.

Optimized Rack Space:

Streamline your infrastructure by consolidating components into a space-saving 1U enclosure.

Efficient Scalability with QKD Node Management:

Optimize operational efficiency by choosing a single SKU box, eliminating complexities tied to installing, configuring, and managing multiple SKUs (Tx, Rx, etc.).


Optical Fiber Compatibility:

Runs on dark fiber or multiplexed with DWDM, utilizing the existing fiber infrastructure for efficient operation.

Effortless Operation:

Designed for simple installation and management with no special skills needed, operating automatically on "power-on" after initial configuration.

Automatic Recovery:

Recovers automatically from various states, ensuring uninterrupted functionality, even during fiber replacement.

Clock Synchronization Channel Operates with a Single Pluggable SFP+:

One SFP+ module serves both the qTx and qRx links and supports any optical channel for synchronization.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

Secure access from anywhere with remote monitoring and control capabilities for enhanced manageability.

Interoperability Testing:

Integrated and tested with ETSI GS QKD 014 API compatible devices and Cisco SKIP, ensuring seamless interoperability.

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