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QuantLR in Lift Off to Space

QuantLR in Lift Off to Space
It’s official. QuantLR is blasting off into space.

Later this year, ex-fighter pilot Eytan Stibbe will become just the second Israeli in space when he takes off to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft.

We’re over-the-moon (we believe you’ll allow us that one) to announce that QuantLR research will be going with to space.

Once in orbit, Eytan will be carrying out a limited set of missions with an exclusive array of partners.

QuantLR is one of those partners, and together with Eytan and the Ramon Foundation we will be experimenting with a demonstration of quantum encryption capabilities from optical communications between Earth and the International Space Station.

As we’ve written before, there’s no doubt that the future of computing lies with Quantum Computing – and as such, current methods of cryptography and encryption are going to be left completely vulnerable to the massive computing power of this new age.

The security of most networks today is based on Public/Private Key distribution protocols protected by mathematical methods. Now these 40-year-old methods depend on computationally complex mathematical problems that are less secure every day. In fact, Quantum computers will easily break all currently used mathematical methods for secure key distribution. So what next?

Like a select group of others, it’s completely clear to us that the future of protecting communication is going to come down to quantum cryptography. It’s why we developed the world’s first and only secure, low-cost Quantum Cryptography solution using the principles of quantum physics.

It’s also why we’ve recently announced partnerships with the likes of Singaporean Satellite-Based QKD Company SpeQtral.

As we said then, “QuantLR and SpeQtral will develop a space-to-terrestrial Secure Quantum Node, capable of transferring encryption keys created as part of the quantum key distribution process seamlessly between the space domain and the terrestrial fiber domain.  A secure key transfer node is necessary in order to integrate the QuantLR terrestrial fiber QKD solution with the SpeQtral space-based QKD solution. A truly global quantum communications network will need a secure transfer node that is able to combine the key management for standard QKD as well as handle the scheduling complexities of a space-based system with windows of availability. This project addresses both these needs, including hardware and software aspects.”

This is another step – or shall we say, a giant leap – in this process.

Ever since we started QuantLR, we’ve been focused on creating something special, on breaking barriers, on addressing a new range of challenges – and on effectively securing our future.

Now, for the company, our partners and future partners and supporters like yourself, we’ve set our sites higher than ever. We’re going to space, and we invite you to join us.

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