Sceptre Link
The world’s most cost-effective, secure, and easy-to-integrate QKD solution

A Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system, designed to work over existing optical fiber infrastructure, and supply symmetric encryption keys to connected devices for Quantum-Safe communication. The system includes an integrated Key Management System (KMS) enabling the deployment of ring, star, and mesh QKD networks with trusted nodes.

Sceptre Link is designed to operate alongside the optical network, by multiplexing the QKD optical channels onto the same fiber used by the client or using a dedicated dark fiber for quantum communication.

Why Choose Sceptre Link?

Significant Cost Savings:

Eliminates the need for an additional dedicated fiber network, leveraging existing infrastructure, resulting in significant cost savings in deployment and maintenance.

Unmatched Flexibility and Scalability

Allows any receiver to connect to any transmitter without the need for factory matching, enhancing flexibility in network configuration and scalability as requirements evolve.

Space-Efficient Rack Solution:

Our 1U design maximizes space efficiency while ensuring top-notch performance through integration with a Key Management System (KMS), freeing up valuable rack space for additional equipment.


Optical Fiber Compatibility:

Runs on dark fiber or multiplexed with DWDM, utilizing the existing fiber infrastructure for efficient operation.

Effortless Operation:

Designed for simple installation and management with no special skills needed, operating automatically on "power-on" after initial configuration.

Automatic Recovery:

Recovers automatically from various states, ensuring uninterrupted functionality, even during fiber replacement.

Clock Synchronization Channel Operates with a Single Pluggable SFP+:

One SFP+ module serves both the qTx and qRx links and supports any optical channel for synchronization.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

Secure access from anywhere with remote monitoring and control capabilities for enhanced manageability.

Interoperability Testing:

Integrated and tested with ETSI GS QKD 014 API compatible devices and Cisco SKIP, ensuring seamless interoperability.

Product Specifications:

Link Multiplexed configuration (Mux) Dark fiber configuration (DF)
Physical Parameters
Enclosure 19″ mountable chassis, 1U, 23″ deep
Dimensions W 435 mm x L 580 mm x H 44 mm
Operating Conditions
Temperature (ambient) 5°c-40°c
QKD Properties
Configuration Single fiber multiplexing the Quantum channel, Clock channel, and user DWDM data channels For each of qTx/qRx Two fibers:
  • Dark fiber for the quantum channel *
  • Fiber for the DWDM clock channel, and user DWDM channels.
  • *The clock channel can be multiplexed over the dark fiber with the quantum channel
Protocol Decoy state BB84
Source Weak Coherent Pulses
Epsilon 4×10-9
Fiber type SMF-28, G.652 compliant
Secure Bit Rate <contact us for details>
Quantum Channel
Quantum channel wavelength 1310nm 1550nm
Connector type LC/PC LC/PC
Fiber loss 0.35 db/km @1310nm 0.2 dB/km @1550nm
Clock Channel
Clock channel wavelength Any DWDM optical channel
Optical module SFP+ approved by HEQA Security
Fiber type SMF-28, G.652 compliant
Connector type LC/PC
Key Reconciliation and Key Management Channel
Interface RJ45
Type IP based
Key Interface
Method ETSI GS QKD 014 V1.1.1 (2019-02) REST based key delivery API Cisco SKIP protocol
Interface RJ45
Input Auto ranging 90-240VAC 50/60Hz
Consumption <200W

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