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New Quantum-Based Solution for a Major Security Agency

New Quantum-Based Solution for a Major Security Agency

Modiin, Israel, Jan. 6, 2021 — QuantLR, a global leader in quantum encryption technology, in collaboration with a top cybersecurity company, will provide a major government defense agency with a new quantum security solution for the protection of sensitive information in a cloud environment.

The companies are partnering to develop a first-of-its-kind solution that offers user-identification capabilities, as well as the encryption of documents, presentations, and spreadsheets through unbreakable encryption keys generated by quantum computing.


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According to executives from both companies, “Creating this solution will enable organizations to work with materials at high classification levels on public clouds.” The executives also noted that “All companies will now be able to work in the cloud with maximum security, and without fear of interference.”

The combined offering will drastically ease organizations’ transition to cloud-integrated work environments, with encryption keys generated by non-intrusive technology.

“This collaboration will expand the horizons of QuantLR, enabling new use cases for Quantum Encryption, which is proven to provide the ultimate level security for communication lines,” said Yanir Farber, COO and co-founder of QuantLR.

Executives from both companies added, “This is a significant breakthrough in the cybersecurity field, as security weaknesses have been a challenge in terms of cloud adoption for companies and states for years. This has impeded the transition to advanced cloud computing solutions, but with this new offering, users will be able to work with highly classified information in cloud environments with confidence.”


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Established in 2018, QuantLR aims to provide versatile cost-effective quantum cryptographic solutions based on quantum key distribution (QKD) technology to protect communicated data. This solution is proven to provide the ultimate level of security against any attack by contemporary, future, classical or quantum-based computers. QuantLR’s solutions will be offered to the market as a component embedded within communication hardware vendor products, as well as stand-alone products.